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    Solstice is currently working with the Kiplin Trust, curators of the fantastic Kiplin Hall near the River Swale in North Yorkshire, to deliver the Heritage Lottery-funded Charting Chipeling project. Kiplin Hall sits in a landscape rich in archaeological remains dating from the times of the early hunter-gatherers through to the monastic grange which predated the construction of the well-known Jacobean hall. The project has involved local community volunteers, students and schoolchildren taking part in a wide variety of archaeological and historic building recording activities. Jim Brightman is the Lead Archaeologist on the project working with Dr Emma Wells of the EJW Heritage Consultancy, laser scanning specialist Michael Lobb, and a team of field archaeologists including lithic specialist Spencer Carter.

    As of September 2014 we have undertaken landscape and earthwork survey, historic building recording, test-pitting with local primary schools and a fantastic three weeks of excavation. The excavations uncovered a few fascinating windows of alteration in the Kiplin grounds ranging across the 17th to 19th centuries, with evidence of local brick-making, a 19th century summer house and the early post-medieval estate boundary (re-used for training in WWII). Probably the most interesting story we have been part of is in the unraveling of a sequence of roads from the medieval period through to the present day, as the main road from Richmond to Northallerton was gradually migrated further away from the Hall during the 18th century, creating the Kiplin grounds as we see them today. More information can be found on the project website at

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