Among the high moors of Nidderdale in North Yorkshire, the remains of low stone banks and walls have hidden for millennia. These farmsteads and homes of our prehistoric and Romano- British ancestors can give us an insight into how people lived in times long removed from our own. They often go unrecognised and unrecorded, however, lost among the moss and bracken.

This volume describes the results of work undertaken as a partnership between the Heritage Lottery-funded Upper Nidderdale Landscape Partnership and the Prehistoric Nidderdale project. Following extensive survey work, a team of volunteers excavated four Iron Age and Romano-British sites on the upland fringe. The results were surprising, informative and hugely valuable for our understanding of a period of Nidderdale’s past which is poorly understood.

B5 volume available for download as pdf

ISBN: 978-0-9933106-4-5